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20 of the Highest Paying Trade Jobs in 2021
Case of money with the title of the article: 20 of the Highest Paying Trade Jobs in 2021

What do we want in a job? Maybe a little work-life balance. Probably one without a long commute. Definitely one that can pay the bills. 2020 was a tough year. Above all, having a steady job and paycheck have been more important than ever. Many people are finding job stability and high salaries in an unexpected place: trade jobs.

Trade jobs have always been around as the backbone of our communities. These are jobs that need some grit. They’re not always flashy or glamorous. (I don’t see any award shows for the best toilet unclogger.) But when the power goes out or the toilet overflows, who cares about a fancy job. We remember how much we rely on these skilled trades.

A trade job doesn’t automatically mean that it is backbreaking work. Yes, many do require manual labor. But that is not what defines a trade job.  …

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