Average Annual Registered Nurse Salary in Hawaiʻi


  310 W. Ka'ahumanu Ave Kahului, HI 96732-1617

  Registered Nurse

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Program Coordinator:

  Kathleen Hagen, MSN, APRN-BC


Tuition & Fees : $9,563
Trade Category : Healthcare
Program Type : Trade Program
Location : Hawai'i / Maui / Kahului
Trade School : Maui College
Purpose of Program : Leads to Employment
Program Length : AS: 73 credits - 2 years

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Degrees and Certifications

  • Associate of Science (AS) – Registered Nurse (73 credits)

Career Information Pages

Check out these pages for more information about careers that a registered nurse program can lead to, or for careers that are in a similar field.

Information includes job duties, the steps to gain employment in that career, and the top 5 and bottom 5 states that make the highest and lowest annual salary.


The following is the tuition associated with an Associate of Science degree to be a Registered Nurse with 73 credits. Additional costs and fees are NOT included in the tuition listed below.

  • Resident Tuition: $9,563 ($131/ credit)

  • Non-Resident Tuition: $25,185 ($345/ credit)

  • Non-Resident Pacific Isle Exemption Tuition: $14,344.50 ($196.50/ credit)
Financial Aid
Veterans Benefits
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